haha sound.

Th oppressive weather & vague stress = lack of inspiration to update or even put thought into an ensemble. Case in point: today it is impossibly mild (high 70s! In July! In th SOUTH!) but I am wear a pair of jeans & a striped deep v-neck tee. Despite this rut, I have been accumulating like mad recently, even more so since th last post’s list, & still have a hefty wishlist. I feel a bit sheepish regarding th amount of online shopping I’ve been doing; it’ll be like Xmas when the ELEVEN separate parcels arrive (& maybe more to come, I have my eye on a few more things.) I even bit th bullet & ordered a standing garment rack, as my WALK-IN closet is brimming, to th point of nary a single new hanger will fit. I have several things to purge (sell & donate) but it won’t be enough of a dent. I might even buy a glut of fancy wooden hangers, I mostly use plastic ones & kind of hate them. I also am searching thrift/vintage/antique shops for old hardbody suitcases as a pretty alternative to storage bins. No luck as yet, though I did thrift a framed print of an angry bear fighting bees yesterday (& a linen tank & vintage mini-length slip, something I’ve been searching  for ages for!).

At the top of my wishlist is a new camera. My old Canon Powershot (four years old I think?) is disappointing me at every turn lately, & I think I’m finally at th point to upgrade to a DSLR. I’ve researched models obsessively, & th short-list of contenders are: Canon Rebel T2i, Olympus EP-2, & Pentax K-7. HD video capability is a must for me (I did go to film school, after all…) so the Canon is #1. Any advice/recs?

A couple things on my wishlist are big-ticket items: th ever-elusive Chloe Silverado wedges (found on ebay in my size & a bargain, but still a bit expensive…); YSL Arty Oval ring and/or Matina Amanita baubles (for 300ish/ea, not going to happen any time soon.) I would like to have a few key ‘investment’ pieces, as a means to assure myself I Am A Grown-Up. & it’s not like I haven’t been a big-spender on fashion in th past; I mean, my lolita wardrobe, short-lived as it was, cost a pretty penny (especially calculating in shipping from Japan & shopping service fees!) & I never batted a lash at that. I want a wardrobe full of quality, & while I refrain as best I can from high-street shopping (thankfully there are no H&Ms, Topshops or Zaras within my vicinity!), I still possess a lot of chaff, so to speak. I’d like to edit my wardrobe a bit, especially considering my spatial constraints & thrift glut lately, but we’ll see if that is done before fall rolls round.

More attainable things I’m lusting after: vintage black fitted leather jacket, which I promise myself I might be able to wear when visiting Montreal next month. Seen here on Dum Dum Girls & (amazing vintage YSL!) Eleonore Bridge:

Other wishlist items: an Edwardian lawn dress, though white doesn’t look amazing on me, & I’d probably hem it shorter (ruining any historical authenticity.) Picnic at Hanging Rock is an all-time favourite film, & I just want to swan about until tragedy strikes, too. Effie of The Snail & The Cyclops pulls off th Miranda look perfectly:

Thankfully I’m v. petite, so finding a dress on ebay in my size is no problem. Just need to find a good deal…

& last major want: Underground Originals monk strap creepers. I’ve debated these for years, & I think my personal style can finally support such a perfect statement shoe (aka almost-ugly amazingness.) Should I get the black/grey suede or just black suede or black leather? I cannot for th life of me choose.

& here on a person:

Wow, this post has taken over five hours & many stops & starts to write. I have one outfit to share:

I think I was dancing to Beat Happening here…

close-up of th deetz: horse, stripes, pale floral

Worn 27 June. It was mild enough for otks! Silk floral blouse is thrifted…..linen tap shorts are thrifted…..belt is thrifted…..vintage Etienne Aigner bag, ebay’d…..striped otks are Hansel from Basel!……wedges are Korkease.


7 Responses to “haha sound.”

  1. Eline Says:

    I use the Canon 500D, I think the Canon Xsi in America? And though it was a needlessly high upgrade I am so in love with it and have never used a camera more. It’s so much fun tinkering those settings and holding it in your hand so I totally rec that one, plus it has the HD video! (which I personally never use sigh)

    I have been trying to invest in a decent closet more too, and have been looking for some really good quality pieces but the problem is always that I just don’t like anything in the middle range price and immediately want to go to designer’s sales (like, yes the Eley Kishimoto oh goddd dyingggg in that online shop there) but I just don’t have the money for that, being a student and all that. One day thogh! One day… For now I think I’ll put my frustrations in some hand-made stuff.

    Also wishing I could wear socks like you do, but it’s just too hot right now.
    I have been looking for high-waisted shorts thanks to you now 😀 (to no avail really D:)

    • quickentheheart Says:

      My friend has that one, it seems pretty nice! I’m hoping to decide on a camera before August, as I’d like to take it to Montreal w/ me.

      I fear for my wallet when I move to NYC next year, I see myself going to tooo many sample sales & indulging! I ordered two sale pieces from Mociun (I really wanted this dress but it’s sold out in my size!) & I want to get a dress from Bekväm when she posts th next batch this coming week. Supporting small designers is th way to go, I think!

  2. Sarah Says:

    i have those underground original shoes! warning – they run big. i ordered their suggested US size 6 and it feels a size larger. i put heel pads in the back which helps but they don’t really fit well without socks.

    i am happy you are blogging! i always think i should start a blog but i hate having my picture taken. i would just take pictures of shoes on the floor and such.

    we should go shopping when you move here. opening ceremony is amazing – i just went there last weekend . . . and i need someone to go to fancy stores with because i am too scared and most of my friends won’t go to miu miu.

    • quickentheheart Says:

      I was afraid of that, since they’re unisex; I have tiny feet, so I might have to just hold off. Or wear v. thick socks!

      Yes, fancy shopping partners! I always feel a bit intimidated going to posh places alone, too. I’m hoping to make a trip up either this winter or next spring!

  3. Jenny Z. Says:

    Oh dear! One should always be dancing to Beat Happening in beautiful over the knee socks and yellow sandals. I’m so glad to find and read your adorable blog!

    xo Jenny

  4. hannah Says:

    you have excellent style, and great taste! anyway, i love the theme of your blog. sans soleil is one of my favorite films of all time.

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