under ice.

Th heat of another deep South summer is upon us, & lethargy has already set in. Getting dressed is a chore, hence th lack of outfit photos. I loathe summer. Th romanticized vision of airy summer dresses does not play out as planned when said gauzy fabrics only cling to a sweaty figure with nary a cooling breeze to be found. Even though I live five minutes from th ocean, I am not a ‘beach person’ — th sun destroys me, I can barely swim, th salt air wreaks havoc on my thick wavy hair, & I hate sand. I dream of New Zealand, but almost anywhere well south of th equator would suffice.

I’m hoping I can motivate myself to write something interesting soon; I am thisclose to finally sewing some things! Until then, some leftover outfits.

details – th embroidery is really delicate! it also has a peter pan collar that my pesky hair is covering.

Worn 28 May. I snagged this perfect little blouse for about 8USD, ebay’d of course. Th deetz are th best, but hard to photograph. Vintage skirt from hasbeenthenagain on etsy. Eyelet socks, Target. Little belt is thrifted vintage, 50 cents! Favourite pale pink oxfords, vintage Bass, from ebay. I suppose I was channeling 60s schoolgirls here.

Worn 1 June. An oxford blouse I’ve had since high school, thrifted at my hometown favourite Salvation Army. The little medallion pattern! Skirt is another from hasbeenthenagain‘s etsy. Vintage tooled leather belt with scallop design is thrifted. Th socks are scrunched-down kneehighs from Celeste Stein, featuring photos of cats — a gift. Go-to vintage oxfords, Joan & David, ebay’d ages ago. Vintage crossbody bag, Burberry, ebay’d as well.

Worn 8 June. I wasn’t terribly happy w/ any of th photos from this set; I’d just biked about 1.5 miles & was sweaty & red. I do love th giant trees in this tiny park, though. Th tiny check oxford is thrifted (recently, been on an oxford kick!) Vintage skirt is (again!) hasbeenthenagain; same little thrifted belt & Burberry bag. Ankle boots are Dolce Vita, ebay’d for a fraction of th price. & new sunglasses, Fred Flare.

a weird self-taken shot, th camera fell into th bushes.

Worn 15 June. My apartment has a pool, & I might actually start taking advantage of it. I need a decent swimsuit; I have a vintage 50s one-piece, but it’s so heavy when wet. I want a vintage-style modern suit, ideally two piece w/ a high-waisted, boy-cut bottom. I’ve tried everywhere w/ little luck; though I have issues w/ AA and UO, they both have one that might fit th bill, though (& cheaper than Free People, Anthro or Modcloth!) This pale blush silk blouse I thrifted earlier this year, along w/ its sister in a pale blue-green colour. Vintage floral skirt is a recent thrift find, as is the beaded vintage belt. Socks are probably Target. Vintage suede oxfords w/ suede flower adornment are ebay’d Maud Frizon.

Finally caught up! I haven’t taken an outfit photo since that last batch, but hopefully that will change this week. I have a huge wishlist, too, but it’s mostly silly things.


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