glacier heart.

So, life caught up with me a bit, hence silence for the past few days. My last day at my student job was Monday, my car is in the shop, & I need to sell some things to make ends meet this month! But in spite of difficulties, I’m traveling to Charlotte with th SO this weekend, for nerdy adventures at the annual Heroes Comics Convention. I hope to take th weekend to hit all my favourite Charlotte-area thrift shops & other haunts (Common Market, Landmark, Lunchbox Records, etc.)  & try not to spend too much money. If th thrift loot is decent, I might reopen my Etsy shop as a means to make some money while waiting to hear word on potential jobs. I’m trying not to get discouraged, but may submit an application for unemployment if things don’t look up soon.

Anyway, soon there will be posts about cultural/political/feminist interpretations of my own personal style & such, but for now, outfit dump.

From 15 May. Vintage 60s toile bird/floral pintuck dress – ebay’d….vintage tooled belt – thrifted….socks – Target?….platform sandals – Korkease….vintage Burberry bag – ebay’d….vintage lobster sweater guard – ebay’d.

Hopefully another quick post tomorrow to catch up, in between packing & picking up my car.


2 Responses to “glacier heart.”

  1. julia Says:

    love this outfit! i have some sandals just like that, but i feel far too teetery-tottery in them. that might have something to do with the fact that i am 6’3″ when i wear them! :p i’ve been meaning to put them up in my shop.

    i really love the brooch you add to the collar, so pretty.

    • quickentheheart Says:

      I’m only 5’5 in them, heh! It’s one plus of being v. small. They’re really comfortable, though, possibly th most of all shoes I own.

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