fin de siècle.

So according to the car shop, there isn’t anything wrong with my car. Though I don’t really trust this, I’ll try riding about town prior to embarking on a four hour road trip to test this. (My car has been leaking coolant & running hot-but-not-overheating lately off & on, so I don’t know if they just missed something major or what.)

In honour of my maybe-trip to come (leaving tonight, prefer night drives), here are some photos taken in th afterhours of my SO’s job:

Dancing to th Smiths.

Basically everything here is thrifted: silk polka-dot blouse with great sheer sleeves, linen pencil skirt which seems made to fit me, vintage belt, vintage Italian leather t-straps. Jewelry & otks not thrifted (ebay & Target respectively.)

Here are a couple silly shots in the same locale (backroom):

Mimicking th keyboard cat facial expression.

Tee is obvs. from Threadless (only meme I’d plaster across my chest)…..skirt – etsy…..socks – Target…..ankle boots – Dolce Vita…..vintage belt – thrifted.

I might drag my laptop with me on th trip, so expect some updation!


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