sneaky feelings.

Discovered an unlocked wifi network (only strong enough from th office, thankfully whilst sitting at the desk!) so posting may come more often. Just to ease myself into th blogging sphere and crank out some of these older photos languishing in my flickr, here are a couple of quick outfit photos from last week (14th & 16th):

Fuzzy fuzzy indoor, self-timer photos, bleh! I’m desperate for a nice dslr that shoots hd video, but haven’t th cash for one, so my 5 yr. old Canon Powershot has to suffice for now. Hey, at least you can read some of th titles on our bookshelf!

These were both quick, hot-weather outfits thrown together. Th first: my favourite tee, from one of my favourite films OAT, Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Hausu (1977). Purchased from Criterion Co., it receives lots of strange looks/comments. Shorts are Rodarte for Target, snatched from th 75% off rack for th lowlow price of 6$. Socks & knee-bruise are of unknown origin. Oxfords are th dutiful Joan & David vintage ones I wear constantly, ebay’d years ago. Th second: vintage 40s rayon little girl’s dress, ebay’d in a giant lot which averaged out to about 8$ per dress (I need to press & sell some of them, too kinderwhore for me.) Socks = ?, shoes are vintage Keds Grasshoppers, so comfy for summer, ebay’d.

Yesterday my favourite sunnies (white heart-shaped Lolita-esque ones) broke, which gives me an excuse to change it up and find some others. I’d die for some Karen Walker‘s, but obviously cannot afford them. I ordered these from Fred Flare today:

Similar round shape to th higher-end glasses I’ve been drooling over, slightly goth, much less cutesy than my former dead ones. Hopefully they won’t snap in two. Now to cap a film or two, do some laundry & maybe do another post in a few hours.


2 Responses to “sneaky feelings.”

  1. Eline Says:

    Ah! There’s a Hausu T-shirt?! Kinda tempted to buy one… I love it on you!
    I love how you wear your adorable socks and your perpetually cute dresses!

    • quickentheheart Says:

      Thanks! Janus/Criterion really need to get on a dvd release, I have th bootleg German version & th new UK Eureka release, but would love a pretty Criterion-style cover edition.

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