a new leaf?

So. I now possess a B.A. in Film Studies & am soon to be unemployed. I’ve been searching for jobs, as grad school is on hold till 2011. I’m trying not to panic, so I have taken up a resolution to document my summer, focus being on outfits, at th very least 3x a week; I’ve only missed 2 days since th 13th, once because I was wearing th same outfit (slept over at a friends’ after a wacko night) & yesterday due to lack of light.

I’ve become active on tumblr lately, as it is th easiest way to ‘blog’ (aka mindless image consumption) & fits my intermittent internetting lifestyle (still no internet at home).

I want to become better at photography & have looked into dslrs, my top choices being th Pentax K-X, new Olympus Pen, & Leica M9 (dream camera, like I’ll ever have $10k lying round). I especially want something that takes decent video and is easy to handle.

As for this blog, I hope to add more content as time goes on, possibly branching out into film criticism territory. I’ve always enjoyed taking film stills & post them on lj whenever I can, so that could be a way to segue from solely visual to a more critical approach in my online presence (hey, I was awared the excellence in critical studies award out of my graduating class!)

For now, though, have some photos with small captions.


Prior to my dedication to documentation (!); fun in a park, I just really love th composition & photos-from-th-back (blame Edward Yang’s Yi Yi). Wearing: 50s silk UNICORN print blouse – ebay’d; vintage high-waist shorts – thrifted; suspenders – thrifted; eyelet knee highs – Target; vintage Ferragamo suede oxfords (which are now sadly unwearable due to bad soles) – ebay’d

So as not to overwhelm myself w/ one huge post to catch up, I will end here & create small separate posts for th other days!


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