When I’m feeling kind of slow.

Uni has me snowed under, so no telling if I ever update regularly. I haven’t been taking daily outfit photos, I want to get back into film photography (I used to develop my own b/w stuff.)

I recently received my coveted bag, a Maxine from Minna Parikka:

Besides that, I have tonnes of new things to photograph and ensemble-ize, but I can’t find time.
I also wrote my first short screenplay for class; besides getting one of the only A+’s the prof. has given out in 10 years, I am really really proud of it. I might have to have a side-gig!

I’m also obsessed with molding film soundtracks; on my list of must-haves for a film I create:

Brian Jonestown Massacre – “(David Bowie I Love You) Since I Was Six”

Beach House – “Home Again”

Slant 6 – “Ladybug Superfly”

Hopefully it won’t be another month before I post again.


5 Responses to “When I’m feeling kind of slow.”

  1. Eline Says:

    Ah! Best ever bag! I’m also incredibly jealous of your amazingly cute dress & your (beaded?) cardigan *_*. The blue goes so well with the soft pink!

  2. catherine_sr Says:

    Everything about your outfit is fantastic — the ribbon on your collar, the beading on your cardigan. And of course that purse is awesome!

  3. ShallowMallow Says:

    Major wardrobe envy ensues!

    Wow, there may not be many posts but you definitely got a quality over quantity thing going here. I’ll be checking back regular. Looking forward to when you get round to more posts. 🙂

    Hope the uni snow storm lets up soon!

  4. yoli Says:


  5. Kitsch Says:

    I came across here on a random internet browse.
    You have incredible style. The way you put colours together…you’ve managed to create a doll look with a beautiful maturity and pull it off effortlessly. It’s perfection, consistantly.

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